I want my life to be AWESOME.

Awesome is a word I use quite a lot, but recently I have forgotten that my life is awesome. I was reminded of this today and yesterday by some friends and an inspiring video. Over the past couple weeks I have become stressed and worn out with the commitments I have made. I am trying to do a lot and still thinking I am not doing enough. There is still so much I want to do. When will I have time for it? I have allowed myself to get bogged down by the things that I am not doing, these past couple days, that I was unable to see what I AM doing. I was unable to see the awesomeness of my life, right here and now. Last night I was talking with a friend, who when I said how busy I was, responded with “Well, at least you’re not bored.” And that is right, he also asked if I was grateful to be busy. Until that moment I had not thought about that, grateful had not even crossed my mind. It was more like multiple thoughts of what I needed to be doing instead of what I was doing and how much there was left to do!

The inspirational video I watched was of Neil Pasricha who came up with the 3 A’s of being Awesome: Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity. His words really hit home with me. I believe in living my life to the fullest and making my life AWESOME. Actually I believe that my life already is awesome, but sometimes need to be reminded of that. Pasricha did that for me today. I need to change my attitude about where I am, be grateful that I have these opportunities. I have been blessed with many people who love me and want to be around me. I am slowly gaining more awareness about the fact that I can handle that which is put in front of me (and that I don’t have to do it perfectly). Through this positive attitude and greater awareness I can be authentic. I can be present in the moment, giving my all to the person or task in front of me. I can be honest. I can be imperfect. I can be AWESOME.

Today, I will do my best today to practice the 3 A’s and help make my life a bit more awesome.

Here is the link to Neil Pasrichas’ video, create the time to watch it!


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