My Heaven

"My Heaven"Where do I find happiness? Where do I find fulfillment? How do I attain this feeling of peaceful bliss? and How do I hold on to this feeling once I’ve attained it?

I sometimes ask myself these questions or am reminded of them when others bring up happiness and their hopeful attainment of it. Today I would consider myself a generally happy person. I am not perfect, though and of course feel a long way from happy sometimes. It’s progress, not perfection that I strive for today. I believe that my level of happiness is in direct proportion to how connected I am to the present moment. When I am able to live in today, a good many of my troubles slip away. I am able to concentrate on the moment at hand, not the nagging of what didn’t get done yesterday or what is coming up tomorrow. All I have is today. Life comes One Day at a Time. Therefore, I try to live my life in this way.

There is a place I know of, or an area really, where I know I feel the happiest. Nature. Wide-open spaces. Unobstructed views of beauty. My Heaven. The picture to the right is at the Continental Divide in Colorado, where a group of us backpacked for three days. It was exhausting, painful, joyous, and spiritual all at the same time. If I hadn’t already found an industry I am truly passionate about, I believe I may have become a full-time guide for an outdoor outfitting company (the possibility of eventual part-time guide is totally still an option). The outdoors have been ingrained in my life since I was little. Camping was a family past-time and I have put up and taken down so many tents I could probably do it in my sleep. There is something extremely relaxing about being out in the wilderness, nothing between you and the soil, except sometimes your shoes (which I so prefer not to wear). After I graduate college, my hope is to be able to live somewhere with a short commute to views such as this.

Nature is where I feel at home, where I find happiness, where I find God. Where do you find happiness? Where is your Heaven? Where do you feel fulfilled?


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