Love & Light

On the Buzz Bus Tour I have been asked to Hula Hoop or more so told that I would need to do it on a regular basis. I thought, “cool, sounds fun”. Then I tried to actually Hula Hoop…didn’t work out so well and no you cannot see video of me trying. I was convinced that I would not be able to hula hoop and would be sentenced to a life of being the girl who can’t keep the darn thing around her waist! My savior came in the form of a Hula Hoop Yoga Class in Louisville, KY. First, there is a certain height and weight a hula hoop should be when you are learning, which our instructor picked out for me. Second, she told us not to think about what we were trying to do. Thinking about how you hula hoop actually causes you, or well me, to continuously drop the hoop on the ground. This was the best piece of advice she gave me, “Don’t think, just do it!”. By the end of the class I could actually keep the hula hoop around my waist and walk (very slowly) around the room. I was shocked by what a little help and a bit of letting go did for me (an hour of practice definitely helped as well). I also felt more calm, joyous, and relaxed when I left.

At first, I just wrote off the feelings, not giving the exercise of hula hooping the credit for those feelings. After thinking about it though, it makes sense that this type of carefree, thoughtless, fun activity could bring about my sense of peace. My instructor gave me the proper tools (the correct height and weight), advice (don’t think about it), and time that I needed to succeed. By having the correct hoop I could actually move the correct way and stand in the postures she demonstrated. By not over analyzing what I was doing and feeling my way into the rhythmic movement, I could keep the hoop around my waist. By practicing at my own pace as the class moved on to other movements, I was able to conquer my fear of being the only student not able to keep their hoop off the ground. Because of my ability to let go, listen, and laugh I was able to hula hoop in a Forth of July Parade! I actually like to hula hoop now and it doesn’t hurt that it burns 100 calories in 10 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have listed below some other benefits of Hula Hooping that our instructor gave us and hula hooping was recently cited in the Houston Chronicle as a crazy fun way to get fit. So grab a hula hoop (make sure its the right size/weight) and HAVE FUN! Happy Hooping!

โ€œOne of the best parts of hooping is that it can eliminate a bad mood in five minutes. You cannot remain upset inside your hoop. Something magical happens when you get in there and move around.โ€

Body Benefits

  • tones waistline, gluts, arms, thighs, back and shoulders
  • strengthens core; releases toxins; breaks up fat deposits
  • promotes regular digestion
  • enhances cardiovascular & respiratory strength (especially when you donโ€™t know how)
  • increases balance, coordination, and flexibility
  • corrects poor posture and improper body mechanics
  • can help improve performance in other sports.

Mind Benefits

  • relieves stress
  • enhances mental focus
  • produces endorphins
  • reduces fatigue
  • boosts confidence
  • makes one feel sexy
  • relieves anxiety
  • balances both sides of the brain

Spirit Benefits

  • creates higher cellular vibration
  • allows chi to flow freely
  • grounds and harmonizes one with the earth
  • connects one to inner rhythms; unites breath with movement
  • hypnotically relaxing; releases dormant energies
  • awakens the Kundalini (or life force energy)
  • allows physical and emotional experience in control and surrender
  • instills a youthful spirit

6 thoughts on “Love & Light

      • Making your own! You can make them from PVC piping and you weight them with rice or sand. The height should be somewhere between your belly button and shoulders when standing and the weight maybe a cup of either. Google has lots of options for providing instructions (as they do for most things!). Weight kind of depends on your preference, I find that a little bit of weight makes it easier for me to keep it going. Hope to see pictures, if you make your own!

      • Oh my goodness! I’m not a do-it-yourselfer!

        I will let you know what kind of pre-made hoops I find! Thanks!

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