My Inspiration

While we were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado I was fortunate enough to interview Susan Mead with The Buzz Bus. Even from the emails I could tell this was going to be an exciting interview. Susan made time for us to come to her house in between a breakfast with her mother-in-law and an afternoon with her daughter during the July 4th weekend! She greeted us with iced tea and water on the patio while she told us about her practice. Susan became an herbalist in 1996 and a yoga instructor since 2000. She counsels mainly out of her home with her personal apothecary and supports clients globally by shipping her homemade infusions and tinctures around the country. Susan is also starting a donation only class to allow more people to experience yoga. It was her positive energy, enthusiasm for life, and constant smile, though, that caused me to really love this interview. She and what she embodies is why I love my job. This is the reason I am on this tour.

I believe that everyone can be happy if they choose to be. I am on the Buzz Bus Tour so that I can help provide others with opportunities to better their lives. This tour inspires me and reminds me to LOVE my life. Yes, the travel is amazing and there are some pretty sweet perks, but my goal is to help others find their happiness. This is also the goal of a majority of the people I am meeting. Susan Mead was able to bring to life why I want to travel the country finding more people like her. I have posted part of the interview with Susan Mead so that you can glimpse the energy she brings into this world. I also hope that I look as good as her when I am her age (bet you can’t guess correctly).

My hope is that through my blog and the Buzz Bus Blog I can help inspire others to find the opportunities that will help them be happy. I am finding mine everyday, becoming a better version of myself with every lesson. It’s not always fun, because life throws me a lot of curve balls and I have a tendency to overload myself, but after every low I know there will be an equal high. Susan Mead helped remind me of the high that I am currently at. Thank you. Oh, and I am moving to Steamboat Springs – PRONTO! So come visit us.


Susan Mead at her house


The Princess


Her personal apothecary


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