A Little Fear

Fear. Is it good or bad? The past few days I have been blessed with both sides of this coin. Before this tour I had never driven with a trailer. I can’t say I’m the best at it, but I’ve kind of gotten the feel for it. But, on our trip down to Crater Lake and the Redwoods…well I didn’t realize the mountains we would have to drive through. The curves and hill edges that I’ve driven in the past two days have definitely filled me with some fear. I was smart about it, but there’s still fear when to the right of your truck and trailer is a good thousand foot drop and your going around a curve where the suggested speed is 25mph.

Karen and Berend

Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. Was the fear worth it? The drive up into 4000 feet elevation was pretty difficult, but when you stand on the top of that cliff with snow still all around you, looking down into the bluest water you’ve ever seen, the fear fades and peace takes over. During our hike around Crater Lake, we were lucky enough to stop with a couple at the top of the hike. Karen and Berend have been traveling around the world for the past decade. I was so entranced by them, I asked if I could interview them. Below I have tried to capture their spirit for life, their infectious energy, and their views on life. I could have listened to them talk for hours, but we had what would become a VERY long day ahead of us. I said this about Susan Mead, as well, but these stories, these life views are why I am on this journey and what I would love to give to everyone I meet.

The drive to the Redwoods, after this interview, was probably the hardest drive I’ll ever have to make. No, it will be! I talked to God a lot on that drive and was lucky enough to be surrounded by people that provided me support and encouragement. I am stronger from that fear. Will I knowingly do it again…No…will I continue to push myself, my limits and expand my horizons…YES!

Thank you Karen and Berend for allowing me to capture your views on video. It was truly a pleasure to meet you. I will not forget the time I spent with you both.


One of the Six Waterfalls We Saw

Travis Enjoying the Drive

Jessica and Chris

They stopped using the Snow Plow last week!



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