A Weary Traveler

After over a month on the road I have become a bit of a weary traveler. I have been traveling with the Airstream for most of this time and well…I need some space. This past month I have also done the hardest driving of my life. I mentioned some of it in a past blog (a little fear), but it actually got worse and though I was passenger to some of it…now even driving up small hills just seems like such a bigger deal. I think I need some time away from that 25 foot piece of metal! Now, don’t get me wrong I have had some of the most memorable moments of my life in the past month. I am grateful and blessed to have this opportunity. I have realized, though, that I need some time off the road. Some time where I don’t have to worry about where I’m sleeping tomorrow night or if my things are packed or how level the Airstream is so I can sleep comfortably. I am grateful to be going back to Denver in TWO DAYS!

I also think that I am a little over-saturated with information with not enough time to process it. I find myself forgetting names and advice from people soon after they say it. Walking away from an interview going, “what did they say?”. Fortunately and unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to review anything. I haven’t had time to work on me. I even joined a 21-day meditation challenge through the Chopra Center and honestly I couldn’t tell you what any of the meditations were about. No need to mention the fact that I haven’t actually meditated. The balance of work and life before these travels has left me. I’m not sure when I’ll find it. I want to. I want to be able to commit to meditating, but then a company has to book early and it’s 30 minutes in traffic and we may or may not have parking and then maybe I have to back out of where were parked, then I over-cut it and have to pull forward and then we get there and there really isn’t enough room for 42 feet of vehicle or room to turn around and we have to drive around looking for some. Anyways, you get the point. I’m tired and weary. I want balance.

To help with finding balance and to help me keep writing, I am going to list something I learned each day. I am not promising (yet) that everyday will be posted here, but I will write them down.

Today’s Lesson: I do not know how to hip hop dance. Kristi put it very well, “How does a guy with a towel on his head dance better than I do?”, during our dance lesson at GROOV3, which if I lived in LA I would attend all the time! I was also told by a Chiropractor that I am unbalanced and place 8lbs more weight on my right side than my left and my posture is out of line (see pictures below). Hopefully, we’ll be able to feature one on The Buzz Bus and I can get realigned.

Here’s to finding balance for this weary traveler.

My smile after I was told that the green lines was where I should be and the red lines are where I am


Where I wanna be


a place of rest


that helped me accomplish a few minutes of peace


an extremely memorable & entertaining moment


a class that helped me breathe


I am grateful




“You can create more engagement by challenging yourself to grow and learn new things.” – a quote from Jeremy McCarthy from a blog that helped me to realize I do love my job and I can find a coherence.


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