Back to Basics

I’ve started and deleted this weeks blog about ten times now. I’m very unsure about what to say, what to write. I don’t feel balanced, calm, or serene. I would say I am still happy, but very uncomfortable. My life these days seems to be moving very fast. I have no real sense of what day, month, or hour it is. Time in general has very little relativity. Some days feel like years, while the months just seem to fly by. I’m living, moving, changing, growing. I have already talked about how I am trying to find balance on last weeks post (and no I have not listed things I’ve learned any day but that one) and it’s definitely still a struggle. So, what can I share when I feel like I don’t have anything to share?

I was told to get back to basics. So, applying that to this blog, the basics are: a) share my experiences on the Wellness Lifestyle Tour, b) what I’m learning, and c) things that help me stay happy.

a) This week we were on break from touring, but I took my increasing love for the outdoors to the extreme of trying to hike one of Colorado’s 14,000 feet mountains, Pikes Peak. We made it up 7 miles of 13 and (fortunately) got rained out. It was another 7 miles back down, because if you don’t go all the way up – there’s only one way down. It was amazing to be in nature, exploring my body’s physical limits, and the massive miles of land still undisturbed by mans greed. We also put a little fear in our lives that day by climbing some boulders, then realizing we didn’t have a great way down. We all made it back to the car, a little sore and tired, but happy to say we attempted a 14er.

b) What I’ve learned…hmm…that I don’t actually like the many to-do lists I make. Seriously, though, I learned that patience goes along way. Being back with the children this week in my Evergreen home, I’ve gotten a great dose of living birth control, but also a renewed appreciation for patience. Expressing what you want or need and then being patient till it happens. I am reminded that I will always be provided what I need and have the opportunity to receive what I desire.

c) a baby’s laugh, live (country) music, the beauty of silence, organization, crossing things off my to-do lists

I am praying for the serenity to stick with the basics, the courage to be patient for circumstances to change, and the wisdom to breathe and know when to act or be still.

Also, since I AM struggling with what to write some weeks – What do you want to hear? What do you like about my blog? What do you not like? If you answer, all I ask for is pure honesty. I would not ask if I was not ready for any possibility of the answers.

All the best, Kate


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