Our Beautiful Country

So I was going to write about the expansive spas we visited in Las Vegas and the impromptu Ayurvedic workshop I learned so much from, but last night I saw the Milky Way and the largest shooting star I’ve ever seen!! I experienced, again, the beauty of our country – the beauty of the universe. Laying down at night on the red rock, Arizona is known for, at one of the many Vortex’s in Sedona, gazing at the stars, I thought – “this is where I find peace, this is where I can just be”. I know for sure that this has to be a part of my life, not every once in a while or once a year, but weekly – preferably daily!

In my experience I have heard of a lot of people wanting to travel outside the U.S. to really see beauty, but there is so much right here that most will probably never discover. Here we may not have as much history or the architecture that other countries have, but there is beauty, there is nature. There are still parts of this country we haven’t desecrated in concrete, steel, or selfishness. I am getting to see these places. I am finding a newfound love for the country I was born in, yes we may have our problems like any other country – no one is perfect, but do you see what we do have! If not, then let me know and I’ll make sure you find them.

There is an element of spirituality that is felt here in Sedona, even just walking around. You do get some that take it farther than others, but it’s hard not to believe in something when you see first hand what was naturally created around you. They don’t allow high story buildings here, so no matter where you are you can see the grand rock formations that surround Sedona. While it may not be as green as I prefer, it is still somewhat lush with juniper trees, cacti, and agave.

During our trip I was also able to meet with an Ayurvedic clinician. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical system that has inspired many spa treatments all over the world and has been practiced for over 5000 years. Lorrie, who works at Sedona Rouge, explained the three primary doshas that Ayurvedic teachings believe is a part of every cell. She helped us to find our own primary doshas and how each is fed both mentally and physically. I have been interested in these studies for quite some time and it was amazing to learn from her.

Even though I was pretty sick for most of this trip to Sedona, I feel healed by its strong spiritual energy (the Dayquil helped too) and restored with a new sense of direction. Also, unfortunately because I was sick pictures this week won’t reflect the nature I enjoyed.

Encore Spa with Ella, the Spa Director

We were VIP at Zappos Insights!

Sedona Rouge Spa

Lorrie, an Ayurvedic Clinician




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