Up, Up, and AWAY!

Last night was almost going to be a very sad night, but fortunately Jasmine’s friend turned it ALL around.

A couple weeks ago, Kristi had asked both Jasmine (our newest Buzz Bus Roadie) and I to make a list of the Top Ten Things we wanted to do on the rest of this tour and possibly for next year. Both of us shot pretty high and one of mine came true today, but it was not without going through the emotional extremes that seem to be prevalent on this tour.

Yesterday, after our TV debut on Good Morning! Arizona (watch clip here) we were pleasantly surprised by an unexpected interview with the Downtown Devil, a local Phoenix paper (read here). We then did our scheduled interview with the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, enjoyed some of their local organic food, and THEN we got an AMAZING voicemail from a very well known network (that will remain nameless until booked, so as not to jinx it…sorry) about a possible opportunity to be a part of their employee wellness day. Jasmine almost had a very positive melt-down she was so excited and it prevails as the best reaction I’ve ever seen to anything. The video will be coming soon.

Anyways, after our PR frenzy and resulting high, we got a call that our long standing appointment for a Hot Air Balloon ride had to be rescheduled for a time when I would not be here because the pilot hurt his knee. I hit an emotional low, from such a high…immediately checked my flight schedule to see if I could stay…of course to find out that it would be more expensive than just paying for another flight. I was soooo bummed.

Flash forward a couple hours and Jasmine’s friend from the visitor’s bureau arrives, who set us up with the air balloon company, finds out that it was cancelled and suggested we call a different company that works with them. DUH! why didn’t we think of that…I mean why wouldn’t anyone not have two hot air balloon companies that would willingly give us a free flight…right? So she calls and YES!! They can do it!! I literally jumped up and hugged her after a brief episode of half-screaming (there were children sleeping so I couldn’t do a full scream).

So today, sometime around 4:30AM I drove to the middle of nowhere Arizona, followed some test balloons, watched the sunrise, then lifted into the air underneath the massiveness of the biggest balloon I’ve ever seen. It was exhilarating, relaxing, quiet and loud, meditative, and I left craving MORE. Our guide, Al from Rainbow Ryders, said that ballooning is more a sport than a science and I could definitely see myself falling into that (expensive) sport. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story, but it was a gorgeous way to spend the morning and I am grateful to have been given the chance to experience it.

the set-up

up they go

the inside of our balloon

The heat makes it rise

we watched the sunrise

I'm READY to go!

Phoenix from the air!



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