Traveling Update

Tour 8 begins my sixth month of travel with The Buzz Bus. I’ve traveled through 23 states, countless cities and towns, eight-lane to two-lane highways, and met more inspirational, generous people than I would even try to count. With this tour marking the ending of The Buzz Bus Tour 2011, I thought it fitting to do a little re-cap both for you and for myself!

Tour Three (when I jumped on the adventure): May 2011

  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL – where I saw The Buzz Bus for the first time!
  • Orland, FL – stayed in my first Walmart parking lot; had dinner with my cousins, Richie and Martha-Mae; visited Serenity Spa at Westgate Resort and met an American Gladiator that gave me fitness tips; experienced a drum circle at the Florida School of Holistic Living; tried geocaching without my trusty sidekick Christina…did not work out; experienced my first taste of the generosity of allowing others into your home at my cousins
  • Savannah, GA – experienced the difficulty of parking a 42 foot vehicle as we drove in circles and traveling with four women who are still learning to communicate what they need; got to spend time with my sister, Jessica; “street teamed” or walking up to random people to give them things in Forsyth Park; sat next to a man dressed as the Abominable Snowman and stuck him with an “I’m Buzzed” sticker; witnessed my co-worker, Vanessa, get mandatory Segway lessons; took a yoga class at Savannah Yoga Center; visited Heavenly Spa at the Westin Savannah Harbor
  • Atlanta, GA – experienced the difficulty of backing-up a 25ft trailer and gratitude when a man who worked at the church said “move over, you don’t know how to drive this thing!”; learned that everything takes WAY longer with an Airstream; changed in a Costco parking lot for a Spa Buzz Professional networking event at Natural Body Spa; Finally, made it to the event and was reminded again to just go with the flow; dropped the Buzz Bus outside some apartment complex and slept at Kristi’s friends house; was reminded not to wash pink with whites (I ruined one of her towels!!); also reminded that the program exists everywhere; laughed A LOT; was shown what kind of marriage I would like to have; visited Hollybeth at her studio, spent hours eating, talking, and learning; ate and interviewed at the World Peace Cafe, a restaurant operated by the Kadampa Meditation Center; went to experience JeJu Sauna Korean Spa and realized that is not something I want to experience with my co-workers or boss
  • Charlotte, NC – visited Urbana CitySpa and TeaBar, who also started a road trip in an Airstream to promote Tea; stayed outside another amazing woman’s house and experienced the extreme heat an Airstream can hold; enjoyed a calm night alone in someone else’s house and watched TV!; experienced walking two miles to one of our stops because there’s no parking for an Airstream in downtown Charlotte; visited Flex + Fit before it actually opened; experienced working from a coffee shop (which has become the norm in my life)
  • Nashville, TN – experienced the beauty of the Smoky Mountains on our way there; drove through downtown to try to eat, got stuck on a side street and spent the next 30 minutes backing down the street to turn around; visited Gaylord Nashville Spa, which is extremely massive and one of the four atria’s has a two-story house inside it!; slept on the waterfront in an RV Park; experienced a massive rain storm inside the Airstream; realized not everyone knows how long 42 feet actually is and had to change storage places before flying back to Denver

Tour 4 (sometime during this month I started driving): June 2011

  • Louisville, KY – drove from Nashville and realized the WIDE turns you have to take with a 25ft trailer; visited a Fritz’s Male only Spa and gave a deserving father a pedicure; ate at 4th street live and got a call from a woman thinking we performed massages in the bus; visited Modern Day Fitness, where poles are used for fitness; Another night in a Walmart parking lot with a Micheal’s that led to a craft night; My friends Christy and Louis visited the bus; visited Yoga for Real and took a relaxing class with an 84 yr old woman; experienced the trust of a stranger when Shine owner, Maria, gave us the keys to the place and said she’d be back in a couple of hours for our class/interview; took up a locals recommendation to eat at Please & Thank You (amazing!); learned there is only “Love & Light” inside your hula-hoop;
  • Milton , KY – slept on a farm owned by a friend of Kristi’s; sat in a helicopter with a baby as my pilot; handed out some healthy snacks to a youth bible camp; met Kashton of Kashton’s Sugar; experienced life on a farm; visited All Good Things, a natural soap shop just across the border in Indiana; met a Natural Beef Farmer, listened to his opinion on the beef industry today
  • Indianapolis, IN – experienced a SIX hour wait for someone to change the tire on the Airstream and the kindness of the deputy who stayed with us into the night in a closed gas station lot; experienced the ability of a hula-hoop to bring a smile to your face at 1AM after fighting with AAA for hours; finally arrived at Kristi’s brother house at 3AM; went to a kid’s baseball tournament; visited The Villa Inn, experienced their manicure, and learned the history of the building; met a woman who races cars who also happened to be doing my manicure
  • Brighton, MI – stayed with my uncle, Bob and his family before heading further north; was reminded how much I miss them; picked up another Roadie, Meredith, to join us in Northern Michigan
  • Boyne Falls, MI – stayed at Boyne Mountain Resort courtesy of Sean Handler, Director for Michigan Spas, also known as “Dr. Fun”; went Ziplining at the Resort, kayaking down Boyne River, received a Petoskey Stone Massage, and was treated to dinner where we got fun balloon hats
  • Petoskey, MI – stayed at the Inn at Bay Harbor courtesy of Camryn Handler, Spa Director and received Spa Pedicures; found a Murphy bed in our room while searching for a blanket!; rode a tandem bike with Meredith by the bay; explored Petoskey beach in search of a Petoskey stone; tried geocaching again with no avail; toured Kilwin’s Chocolate Factory and got FREE chocolate
  • Traverse City, MI – ate a hole-in-the-wall Greek food restaurant and it was amazing; treated to dinner by a family friend of ours after walking through Downtown Traverse; was reminded of my childhood summers spent here; stayed outside my family friends house and enjoyed some homemade banana bread!!
  • Thompsonville, MI – visited Crystal Spa at Crystal Mountain Resort, experienced an infrared sauna and a Vichy shower treatment; dropped off our temporary roadie; experienced the joy of people following us on the road when we got a Facebook post of people who saw us wave at them
  • Chicago, IL – stayed at Kristi’s friends house and learned that if you call the local police they will let you park in no parking areas (sometimes); took the train into Chicago and spent 9 hours walking, passing out free goodies, experiencing Taste of Chicago, saw The Bean, went to the top of the John Hancock Tower, and saw a true boat party; Kristi said she had never seen me so exhausted and we slept at her Uncle’s house; successfully backed the Airstream out of a neighborhood driveway; drove back to Denver the next two days and almost got blown over in a Walmart somewhere in Nebraska

Tour 5: July 2011

  • Boulder, CO – met with Danny Abshire, creator of Newton Running Shoes, and got to experience them running through Boulder; unhitched and hitched the Airstream for the first time – all by myself!
  • Steamboat Springs, CO – slept all nights in a school parking lot near Kristi’s friends house; visited Susan Mead, a herbalist and yoga instructor; learned I should eat something raw everyday; experienced acupuncture from Amber Goodson with Equilibrium Acupuncture; realized I want to LIVE HERE immediately; walked everywhere, went on three hikes, but missed out on whitewater rafting; rode through the 4th of July Parade with Rocky Mountain Wellness Spa; flew home to surprise my family
  • Salt Lake City, UT – showed my Aunt the Airstream; visited Phytomer Corporation and laughed at an employees rendition of the YouTube video ‘I love Cat’s’; experienced a MASSIVE incline in the Airstream where we were loosing speed at 20MPH to get to Stein Eriksen Lodge, Spa Director made it worthwhile and we spent hours in their spa and I got an amazing foot/leg massage; stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Park City with my sister, Jenny; went to the Olympic Park and saw Olympians Ski Jump; bonded with my sister; toured Golden Door Spa and took part in their circuit training class
  • Boise, ID – went through a time warp at a gas station somewhere in Idaho (they had Alpacas, Rattlesnakes, and Bats); was on a radio show; drove the Airstream into a Downtown Square for the MELT event, our newest sponsors; realized four hours is WAY to long of an event for two people to manage; was offered a bed and a shower at one of the employees houses; drove up the west side of Idaho and saw gorgeous country side; was at the middle point between the equator and the North Pole
  • Spokane, WA – stayed at Northern Quest Resort courtesy of the Spa Director, Yvonne and experienced the best hospitality in the country; Kristi and I each got our own suites, I never even used the eight person dining room table, took full use of the bath, rainfall shower, and tablet that controlled the music, lights, and curtains; treated to four hours in the Spa, received a Purification Body Treatment and Natural Facial; also treated to dinner inside Spokane; picked up my three years of sobriety chip from an early meeting in Spokane; played the slots for the first time; was graciously invited to stay an extra night when our adventures in Coure D’Alene took longer than expected
  • Coure D’Alene, ID – back tracked some distance to experience Spa Ssakwaqn; realized Google Maps doesn’t always know where you want to go
  • Seattle, WA – realized hills are not Airstream friendly; got lost trying to find Kristi’s friends house; visited Sutra Yoga & Restaurant; visited the University Farmers Market to interview Robert with Seattle Youth Garden Works; stayed at the VP of Red Robin’s house, learned about her travels, and left the Airstream there for a couple of days; attended Spa Buzz Event at Spa Nordstrom
  • Vancouver, B.C. – drove across the Canadian border (without the Airstream); visited CHI Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel, experienced the best massage of my life; met with Anne, co-owner of Domo Tea at a gellateria; attended the Spa Buzz Vancouver event; used AirBnB for the first time and stayed in some random guys apartment that he was renting out; drove back across the border and when asked if we were famous by the border patrol, replied “of course, haven’t you heard of us”
  • Portland, OR – picked up the Airstream in Seattle; drove to Portland and boon-docked in residential areas for two nights, using grocery store and gas station bathrooms; met up with another honorary Roadie at Barista for what was to be an amazing day!; interviewed Horny Toad and Lizard Lounge employees about wellness and what Portland has to offer; hula-hooped, jump roped, and played Frisbee with KEEN employees; did the same with ICEBREAKER employees, who gave us a card for FREE gear and I got an awesome jacket that I wear everyday!; ate lunch in a park outside the Zoo; spent the night in a hotel before Sam flew back to Denver and I spent the next week with friends exploring; successfully backed the Airstream into a storage place

Tour 6: August 2011

  • San Francisco, CA – picked Kristi up and had lunch with The Casual Connoisseur, who told us about Emilio Esteves’ recent interest in her blog; drove out to pick up the Airstream
  • Calistoga, CA – experienced mud bathing for the first time at Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort and interviewed the son of the man who brought this strange concept to California, Mark; interviewed Robert at Velo Vino (impromptu) because we loved the feel of the place; got stuck on a small road through the hills that GoogleMaps thought we should be on and ended up running out of gas right before an 11% Grade
  • Freestone, CA – stayed outside Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary and experienced a Summer Concert Series they had; had dinner brought to us by a friend of Kristi’s and had a dinner party in the Airstream
  • Yountville, CA – spent the day relaxing at Bardessono, enjoying the pool, great food, and spa services
  • Santa Cruz, CA – thought we had found a neighborhood to sleep in, got asked to leave, drove for an hour at 9PM trying to find an open RV Park, ended up staying outside a Days Inn Motel (we did not get a room); walked along the boardwalk; did yoga on the beach; wrote messages in the sand; interviewed the Santa Cruz Derby Girls and saw Kristi bust some moves on skates
  • Carmel, CA – arrived late at night to a friend of Kristi’s and slept outside her house; joined a group of women to visit Tassajara Zen Mountain Center; found a natural water slide on our hike and loved it; enjoyed the silence; GREAT FOOD; grateful we didn’t try to bring the Airstream up the 45 minute dirt road to the center; visited Pebble Beach to film Kristi receiving a Vichy service; got lost on a back road that turned into an extremely steep hill and ended up hyperventilating because the tires screeched and I thought we weren’t going to make it – thankfully we did
  • Los Angeles, CA – visited Deckers Outdoors & Spa Ritual to hula-hoop before heading into the city; hiked Escondido Falls; stayed outside Kristi’s friends house and almost got stuck on her street; perfected my backing up skills to turn us around (multiple times); washed the Airstream!!!; worked out with THE Richard Simmons; gained another roadie, Jasmine, and that was her initiation stop; hiked through Griffith Park with Hiking Yoga; got manicures and took a yoga class at Spa Ciel; realized I don’t have rhythm in a hip hop dance class with GROOV3; backed the Airstream into Jasmine’s mothers driveway

Tour 7: September 2011

  • Coronoa, CA- Hula Rama Event at Glen Ivy Hot Springs with Hoopnotica, who taught hula-hoop classes; got to play in the mud after standing in 100 degree sun all day; enjoyed the comforts of a small lodge and made friends with an Irish grounds keeper
  • Long Beach, CA – EARLY MORNING DRIVE to the convention center where we pulled the Airstream in for the Trade Show; set-up for a two-day trade show; enjoyed the comforts of a hotel; met hundreds of people and said the same thing hundreds of times! It was a lot of fun, though; got The Buzz Bus Logo hand painted on my leg
  • Las Vegas, NV – stayed at the hotel next to where my cousin’s got married (coincidentally); toured Zappo’s Insights, loved the atmosphere, and was reminded to treat others the way you want to be treated; experienced the grandiose of the 55,000 square feet Encore Spa and interviewed the down-to-earth Spa Director, who I definitely want to go hiking with; walked up and down the strip; experienced the Roman Baths at Qua in Caesar’s Palace, interviewed the young Spa Manager and was amazed by his ability to handle such a large organization; interviewed spa consultant, Christy Cano and learned that she created the treatment Jasmine experienced at Encore Spa
  • Sedona, AZ – enjoyed the cast beauty that is Arizona and saw the Hoover Dam; learned about Ayurveda from an Ayurvedic Practitioner at Sedona Rouge and Kristi received an Ayurvedic Massage; graciously invited to stay at a strangers house, because our planned spot could not accommodate our LARGE vehicle; got extremely sick, but was healed by the oils of Ayurveda; Jasmine and Kristi went to Prana Yoga, I stayed back and felt like crud; enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Kristi’s friends house, who also practices Ayurveda – was given more oils to soothe my pain; spent the whole day in bed, healing and missing out on the awesome hikes; went to a Vortex the last night and saw the largest shooting star EVER!
  • Phoenix, AZ – stayed at Jasmine’s friends house; was on Good Morning! Arizona and got interviewed by the Downtown Devil; interviewed Cindy Gentry of Urban Grocery; heard from OWN, got really excited, but it didn’t work out…YET; went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride; experienced relaxation, some more amazing food, and a massage at Aji Spa; interviewed Wei of Chocolate and Lotus Wei owners, Katie and Lisa at the Desert Botanical Gardens; interviewed a woman who started a camp to battle bullying by raising children’s self-love; dreamt about the press and success we could get for the next tour and next YEAR; flew home for some need R&R

Tour 8: NOW- October 31st

  • Albuquerque, NM – drove from Phoenix with Jasmine and stayed at her friends house; toured the Ayurvedic Institute; realized I may want to enroll in the program here; got manicures at LA Nails, owned by Jasmines friend, Ms. Julie – interviewed her and her daughter; again reminded of the hospitality and generosity of people
  • Kansas City, KS – arrived here yesterday after a two day drive, stopping in Liberal, KS to spend the night at a Walmart – horrific smell, don’t plan on going back there again; staying again with friends of Jasmine’s outside their house; the weather is getting COLD, YAY!; tomorrow we hold an event at Fusion Fitness and participate in their Barre exercise class

MAN, I’ve done A LOT – this took me a couple hours to write out and remember. Thank God I have pictures. I needed them to remind me what I’ve done. We have a joke on the tour that we get to meet with free motivational speakers everywhere we go, and we are. Each of the people we’ve met have lifted me and given me advice that I’ve either needed then or can use in the future. Everyone has a story, has something they have gone through that can help others, I’m just getting to hear them on a regular basis. They can be found anywhere, though, and I encourage you to get out and start asking people, “how did you get here? What makes you happy? What does wellness mean to you?” You may be surprised at the answers you get.

One more month and about nine more states to go…here’s to the adventure!!


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