Hula Hooping with Al Roker and Matt Lauer??

I have recently, as in tonight, started a campaign to Hula Hoop with Al Roker and Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show when The Buzz Bus goes there October 26th through October 31st.

I have created a Facebook Page to showcase my campaign on and post all related advancements. Visit my page ‘Help Me Hula Hoop with Al and Matt‘ to ‘Like’ it and pass it on to your friends and family. I have also created a video to send to Al and Matt with my mission, you can watch that here. I am hoping that by spreading the message through these two social media hubs, I will create enough “buzz” for them to contact me (or return my numerous e-mails).

I ask that if you read this, watch the video and send it to at least one person. That one person may be the one that gets the Today Show’s notice!

Thank you for supporting me on my journey.

Much Love, Kate


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