Can You Feel My Energy?

Energy work is not for everyone. In my experience you either get it and love it or think these people are crazy. I used to think energy work was for strange people who lived out of touch with reality, living by their “spirits guidance”. I’m still one that finds the extremes of anything uncomfortable, but I have come to believe in the power of energy work.

Throughout the Buzz Bus Tour, there have been different opportunities to experience energy work in small doses. Mainly people talking about the energy from different practitioners or yoga instructors. This week I experienced first hand the Japanese energy work of Reiki, which is based on the belief that an unseen “life force energy” flows throughout our body. Reiki Masters are able to channel this “universal life force” in order to restore balance and revitalize the energy within the body.

Jim was my Reiki Master at Rasa Spa in Ithaca, New York and informed me that the service is typically done with minimal physical connection, mainly on the seven chakras of the body (except the root chakra, which could make things very awkward very quickly). Reiki focuses on harnessing and molding the “life force energy” above the physical body. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking, because I once thought the same – how can this help if he doesn’t actually touch you? I will say, in my experience, you do need somewhat of an open mind to truly feel what is going on, but I encourage everyone to at least try it. It’s hard to really describe what it is I felt, but the sensations I experienced as he moved to the different chakras of the body were very extreme changes.

Before the service, Jim asked me to choose an intention for our session – mine was ‘control’ or wanting to ‘let go of control’. At the essence of control is fear and in order to lose that fear you must have trust or faith. On this tour I have struggled with the need to control my surroundings and having faith that everything is alright already. Throughout the session I tried to maintain concentration on my intention, while also allowing my mind to explore the visualizations and feelings that came up. It’s an extremely personal experience. I can honestly say that I have never felt more at peace or serene than I have since my Reiki session. I can also promise you that my workload hasn’t changed and neither has my surroundings. Honestly it’s gotten a bit more hectic, but I’ve never felt more at ease with the changes.

I’m still feeling the effects at least a week later. Reiki is still, somewhat misunderstood in the general population and does require an aspect of faith and open-mindedness that isn’t necessarily needed for massage. Don’t take my word for it though, experience it for yourself. Maybe you’ll be a convert like me or continue to think these people are living in some other universe.

Lovin the Fall Colors!

The wonderful woman who allowed me to experience Reiki


The relaxation room where we also did meditation


My Energy Rock


Still feeling the energy somewhere in New York State!


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