Stretchy Pants, Naps, and Open Spaces

I am a stretchy pants wearing person who naps and lives in the country. Ok, well I would like to be at times.

My Beloved Stretchy Pants!

I LOVE stretchy pants and if I hadn’t just worn them for the past two days, I would have them on as I write this. They are forgiving, loving, and sooo comfortable. They hug in the most flattering way and I’m always ready for a workout! I was warned when I bought them, by the girls working at Lululemon, that I should put on my jeans or “normal pants” every couple of days, though, because I may gain weight without knowing it. That hasn’t happened to me, but I can see why it would. They conform to my body, like tights, but don’t feel as revealing as just wearing tights everywhere. Mmmm, I can’t wait till they are washed!

The Resort where I was able to NAP

I’ve always loved naps and while I don’t have much time on the road to nap, I wish I could. During this week, I was given the opportunity to catch a cat nap and after taking FULL advantage of it wondered why I don’t allow myself the opportunity to do it more often. It definitely made me more productive. Most of the time, I don’t think I have time. Thirty minutes…maybe an hour…in the long run it’s not that much time, if it makes the next hour more effective. Which, in my experience, it usually has.

The Berkshires

We spent the last few weeks exploring the North Eastern countryside. Upstate New York, the rolling hills of Vermont, the coast of Maine, and the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I’m absolutely in heaven. Room to breathe, run, hike…just space to be. There is so much unsettled space and people who are working to keep it that way, so that generations to come can enjoy the nature that still surrounds us. I’ve been partial to open spaces for a while, but I didn’t realize how much my energy and mood is affected by it until we came into the city. When we got to Philadelphia, I noticed that the smaller streets, tons of people, and so much going on caused me to feel more stressed and amped up. I felt more on edge, kind of like I had to react faster and quicker than I had previously. I will say Philly streets are considerably smaller than most cities we’ve been in, but truly my mood and energy level was affected by the change in scenery. I feel more at peace, more open, more myself out in the country.

So maybe one day I will be a stretchy pants person who naps and lives in the country. I’ve got the stretchy pants down….


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