A Gypsy Queen

It’s been AWHILE since I’ve updated my blog…below is what I started in November 2011 as the Buzz Bus Tour was ending and I was about to return to my “normal” life in Houston.

The Buzz Bus Tour 2011 officially ended on October 31, 2011 and we then began our short trip to Kentucky, where the Buzz Bus will stay until next year. I packed up the last six months of my life, ready to go home, but saddened by the fact that this amazing adventure had come to an end (I also had WAY to much crap to bring back). Jasmine and I reminisced about the last few months and I began reflecting on all that we had accomplished.

Before I headed home for good, I made a stop this weekend in Florida to reconnect with friends and I am on my way to Vegas today for a spa conference I attended last year on a scholarship. I’m excited to see what the International Spa Association has to offer this year, but I can’t say I wasn’t a little homesick when they announced the plane I was transferring from was on its way to Houston.

I’ve been living out a bus for most of the past six months, traveling the country and people are still asking what exactly it is that I was doing…

So far it has been anything but normal and one hell of a ride! I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities that The Buzz Bus presented. It’s still takes me by surprise when I think back to all that I did last year. I’ve been blessed with an amazing life and I’m grateful I got the chance to share that with others.

As I got back into the routine in Houston, it was highly uncomfortable. I fell into a deep place that I haven’t seen in awhile, as I struggled to find direction and purpose after such a whirlwind adventure. My eyes were opened to the expansiveness and generosity of this world. I became more aware of the little things people are doing to make big changes. I became a part of that change. How do I stay a part of that change by staying in Houston? What do I want to change? Where am I going? How have I changed?

The unseen path was unnerving to me. By leaning on friends and family, taking the next right step, and feeling my feelings I was able to move on and find my path again. Today, again, my life is crazy busy. Finishing my last 12 hours of school, working at the Trellis Spa at the Houstonian (which I LOVE), and trying to see my friends on occasion 🙂 Long days and little sleep. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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