Definition: Make (someone) lose courage or confidence.

I can feel so strong one moment and then in one second, one sentence, one breath – I am unnerved.

How can something so small make such a large impact? How can one person who in one second can build you up so high, bring you down so low? Make you feel so small.

What would we do if we felt no fear? What would I say if I knew they wouldn’t leave? What would I do or feel if I knew no pain? How do you not fear the pain?

I’m not sure how to live this way – be this vulnerable. I’m listening, learning – how do you overcome the fear to apply what you’re learning?

When is the pain of staying still more than the pain of change? When do I reach that jumping off point? I want to say I’m ready to jump. I want to say I can be that vulnerable. I want to say that I’ve learned. I’ve applied. I’ve changed. today is not that day.


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