Rock Star

IMG_4954“Grief. It may strike suddenly, catching our heart by surprise. Or it may pound relentlessly and persistently for years, like ocean waves beating on the shore.Whether we’re conscious of what or whom we’re missing, our heart knows. We may never be happy about whom or what we have lost, but it is possible to be happy again.”

I have experienced grief in multiple ways. Loosing people, loosing things. Each time I think it will be easier because of the practice I’ve had. Grief and loss do not work this way. Although, neither does joy or love when you really think about it.

Over the past few weeks I have moved through several stages of grief, which you can see in my previous posts. Through all of those times, though, one thing was different from the other times I had lost people or things. I felt grounded.

When my life suddenly changed, I reached out and let people know how I was really feeling. Whether that was happy, sad, angry, joyful, depressed, indifferent, or hurt. It didn’t matter what the stage was. It mattered that I opened up. I spoke up. I allowed those people to love me and support me, when I didn’t know how myself. They guided me through, held my hand, and lifted me up. God spoke through them, letting me know I was alright. That no matter the depths of my despair, I was going to be able to find my balance again.

Within this grief, I have begun to develop a personal yoga practice to assist with releasing and feeling my emotions. Some people think yoga is only about the physical activity, strength or flexibility. To me and those I am practicing with, it means much more.

IMG_5154My yoga practice is about realizing my inner rock star.

It is about quieting that shameful voice that judges and compares me to others. It is about recognizing where those thoughts come from and then letting them pass. Replacing them with the confident energy of my breath as I move through the poses. It is about honoring my amazing qualities. Allowing this positive, uplifting voice to ground me and power me through the day.

When I begin my days with this spiritual practice I am better able to meet life on life’s terms. I accept more. I smile more. I laugh more. I am happier.

I am not perfect and even though my intention was to practice everyday…that is not a habit I have been able to form (yet). My goal is to find my balance. To find my peace and believe that I am a ROCK STAR.


2 thoughts on “Rock Star

  1. You will always be a Rock Star to me. I’m so proud of the way you have reached out during this time of grief. Love you and thank you for letting me be a small part of that.

  2. So wise. You are such a Rock Star! Remember, we get to see the change before you do. Oh, and you are awesome. Xoxo

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