“There will always be a part of me that is dirty and sloppy, but I like that, just like all the other parts of myself.”
― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook

I like the part of me that is dirty and sloppy. I like the fact that I don’t like to workout. I like the fact that I want to involve my family in everything I do. I like the fact that I have HUGE dreams that consist of me moving to a zillion different countries. I like the fact that I can live happily out of a trailer. I like the fact that I don’t really have a routine. that I don’t watch TV. that i don’t own a TV. that I don’t know everything about anything. that I may not wash my hair for three days. that I don’t clean out my car for weeks…or months. that I don’t have all the furniture for my apartment. that the walls are thin enough to hear my neighbors conversations. that I may laugh a little too loud…or talk a little too loud. that I like to spend hours laying in the grass watching the clouds move thinking about life.  that I like to take pictures of everything. that I dress for comfort. that I don’t do my hair. that I love with all my heart. that I tell people that I love them often or “too soon”. that I have a heavy past. that I change my mind. that I’m willing. that I like to hula hoop. that i believe in the energy of the universe. that I believe there is good in everyone. that I believe people can change. that I believe in second chances…sometimes even third or fourth chances. that I believe in romance. that I love dancing my butt off to country music. that I love sweets. that I would spend all my money to travel. that I am not driven by money, but by the love for what I do. that I love live music. that I love getting dirty if it means I’m having fun. that I love having fun at almost any cost. that I’m willing to be vulnerable. that I’m willing to change. that I trust what people say. that I can live through failure. that I can cry. I like the fact that I love who I am.

I will change over time. change is the only constant in my life. But I won’t change for you.


One thought on “Self-Love

  1. WOW!!!!! Kiddo, you apse something else. So blessed to have all this insight and positive energy. God bless you my special friend. I love you, all of you!

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