To Blog or Not…

I would have a lot more posts, if I would just sit down and write like I’m doing right now…

I have these ideas of what I’d like to say or what I’d like to post about, the experience I’m having right now or the experience I remember that was triggered by this other great thing I was reading…songs to share…photos to post…ideas…memories…

My mind talks a lot (and most friends would probably say my mouth does too), but almost never do I feel I have enough “time” to share.
I don’t have enough time to really write anything. because that would take an hour or two or more than this quick two-second thought process and well I just don’t have that kind of time in my busy-busy life.

except I do!

I have time NOW and I had time ten minutes ago when I only started thinking that I possibly-maybe-could-should write this blog.

I’ve got a lot of things changing and exiting things happening around me and I want to share them! Isn’t that what this space is for?

I’ve recently taken a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshop and Dr. Covey says that if you just did now what you thought about ten minutes ago, it would most likely be done by now.

I’ve also recently started reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and she has started a blog (at the part I’m reading). One of her struggles with writing on her blog was being true to herself, “Be Gretchen”, as she says. And I feel that’s one of the reasons that prevents me from writing as much…

How do I stay true to who I am, when I’m still learning who that person is?

today I’ve learned that who I am can change and today I can say one thing and tomorrow if I no longer think that way…I can CHANGE MY MIND!
what a revelation


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