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“Where do you start? You start at the beginning. But where is the beginning? Wherever you start!” – Ron Finley

We are going through a significant change in our country and I want to be a part of that change. I believe with The Buzz Bus I can fulfill that.

The Buzz Bus is a road trip in an airstream that seeks to bring awareness to the companies that are providing people the opportunities to be well. We seek out the companies that provide you the food you need, the activity you need, and the support you need. Through our videos, blogs, and social media promotion we hope to help people find the path to living happy and healthy.

A central part of making this change is your community. Change is hard. Change is easier with friends, with support. I want to help you make that change with the support of your community. Your lifestyle DOES affect those around you. The choices you make DO affect others. You CANNOT live life without others (unless your growing your own food, building your own homes, live miles from the next human being, made your own transportation, make your own laws, make your own household products, make your own furniture…ect.).

We live in an interdependent world. 

And as a society, I think we’ve forgotten that. Or rather been trained to think only of ourselves and therefore overlook our impact on those around us.

I’ve been hesitant to take a stand. To voice my opinions of what is happening to our country, for FEAR. Fear of upsetting others and therefore breaking our line of communication. Fear of limiting my perspective and potentially overlooking a possible solution. I have these fears because that is what I see other people do when they take a stand on something. I see others so passionately committed to their way of seeing the world that they lose sight of the greater goal that probably sparked their passion. For example, the government shutdown. Now my thoughts on that subject are biased with the belief that all people are essentially good, so I don’t believe that any of our government officials originally started their congressional career with a mind-set of only getting their way – I believe (originally) that they were driven by a goal to make things better for whatever community they came from. Over the years, the day-to-day of their career, the needs of hundreds-thousands more people caused them to narrow their thinking – picking one aspect to fight (passionately) for instead of the thousands we, as a country, need to deal with. This focus has caused them to overlook the greater good of their community, fighting for their narrow point of view, and missing out on opportunities that could solve multiple problems at once.

And we as a community are partially (or majorly) to blame for this. We put immense pressure on these people to fix all of our issues to our individual liking and are fair weather fans. If as many people who devote time and energy to picking their fantasy football teams, devoted a tenth of that time to learning about their government representatives, then maybe our country wouldn’t have gotten into such a crisis. The glaring, honest, and horrible truth is that we as a country are more dedicated to our sports teams than we are to our government that makes it possible to watch those sports. We stand by our loosing teams, yet won’t stand by our government representatives that WE elected (or let be elected by our lack of participation) when they make ONE decision we don’t fully agree with. Maybe they should hold the next congressional hearing on a football field to get our attention.

Today I’m taking a stand. Taking a stand to fight for the betterment of our COUNTRY. Not me. Not you. Not the change that will instantly provide a reward for me or you or our country. I’m taking a stand for our long-term health. For our future health. I believe that we can live in a country that makes decisions based on the health of our people, rather than the health of our bank accounts. I believe that we want to connect. We want to make small sacrifices for the betterment of everyone. It’s not our first choice, but it is possible!

Today I begin fighting for everyone. 

This is will not be easy and I will make mistakes. I will be human. I will not be perfect in my decisions. I will, however, continue to be open – continue to look at the perspectives, even when I don’t initially agree with them – continue to look at my actions – continue to gather information, so I can make informed choices, rather than irrational ignorant ones based on immediate gratification. Today I pledge to change. To be an instigator of change.

I hope you’ll be open to joining, because I can’t do this alone.


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