In January I left all my friends and family and moved to the ATX!

After spending my first 26 years in Houston, I figured it was time for a shift. It was between Austin and Denver…and well this guy made one of them a little more appealing…


So far…I LOVE IT! (even though I do with the weather would choose if it wanted to be cold or hot…but that’s no different from Houston – from what I hear)

I’m reaching out, going to those awkward dinners with people you don’t know – so that they can eventually become friends, trying new restaurants, finding the closer and better grocery stores around me, and eating LOTS of tacos!

Two weekends, when the weather decided to be nice, I got to enjoy the weather and go hiking with some new friends. Definitely nice to be able to drive 10 minutes and do some decent hiking. Sooo much better than walking a loop around memorial park (sorry H-Town friends…rivers and hills are better). Although, I’m not sure why one of the trails needed an ‘Emergency Exit’??

I got an awesome dose of my siblings last week too, walking the parks, playing frisbee, and I even brought out my Hula Hoop!

One thing I wish…I had my friends to explore with. They could take a lot of the uncomfortability away 🙂 I also just miss seeing them every week. I didn’t realize how much I was able to share with them and connect with them, until I wasn’t getting it every week. I could use a regular coffee meet-up, like I had in Houston…and maybe one day I’ll create one/find one…but for now some evenings are a little lonely.

Anyways…here’s to many more adventures and life in a new city!




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